Istolethesoul is my very own, very independent record label. To launch the label, I compiled and released an album called Around Sounds featuring some of my favourite musicians from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and beyond.

Identity, art direction, design, layout, production, musical selections by me. Cover art by Eric Quebral. Photography by Reynard Li.

Output: Insert/inlay, offset press, double-sided; CD, screen print 
Profile: 1 spot + CMYK; 2 spot
Dimensions: vary


In order to promote the Around Sounds compilation, I hosted a series of live events featuring some of the artists. This poster was given to guests on their way out.

Identity, art direction, design, layout by me.

Output: Digital, single-sided, full bleed
Profile: CMYK
Dimensions: 11 x 17 inches


Istolethesoul is on Tumblr to build and promote online presence. It combines my personal music-related blog with links to audio downloads and social media platforms.

Identity, art direction, copywriting, meta tags, customization by me. "Empire" theme design by UltraLinx.

Output: Website
Profile: RGB
Dimensions: N/A